A family dedicated to chocolate since three generations

Dolcem has been founded in Modena in 1954 by Valter Berni and Dina Luppi that, after the Second World War, transformed the old carpentry in a chocolate factory, pursuing this new activity with tenacity and inventiveness.

Paolo Berni was born in the same year, 1954. Paolo Berni, currently Head of the family company (continuing in the footsteps of his parents), combines quality of raw materials, tradition, experience and, at the same time, technological innovation and creativity.

Today also Lorenzo and Alberto, sons of Paolo, actively joined the company bringing the contribution and the freshness of the third generation.

Dolcem, become famous as factory of Easter eggs, diversified its production taking an interest also to Christmas as well as other more elaborate products.

Our hand-work production is very complete: hollow figures (chocolate eggs, Christmas items...), pralines, tablets, dragée...

High quality raw materials (such as cocoa from all over the world, natural flavors, Piemonte nuts), shape packaging and fast delivery are characteristics of our Company.


Today Dolcem counts a very close-knit team of employees and a growing annual production. What has not changed over time is searching for the highest quality and craftsmanship of its products.

"...Un'idea è come una brioche al cioccolato. Bisogna lasciarla raffreddare per vedere se è davvero buona..."

Serge Uzzan